About International Shipping

Direct shopping & shipping

You can purchase our items directly without using a package forwarding service and a shopping agent service. In this way, you can save any agency service cost. So we highly recommend you choose this “Direct shopping & shipping”.

We ship internationally by EMS.

How to order & delivery

To place an order, please send us an email ( with the following information:
- Your name
- Shipping address, post code
- Your phone number
- Item name and quantity you purchase
(If you can not find the item name that you want to order, please let us know the URL of the item.)

  • Only English language acceptable
  • メールは日本語での対応も可能です

After confirming your order information, we will reply with an actual shipping cost.

In this way of shopping, you pay only your purchase price and EMS shipping cost to us.
There is no extra handling charge.
Please note you (importers) are responsible for paying customs duties, taxes and other import charges if they occur in your country.


Payment can be made by credit card via square (the online payment system we use)and international remittance.

return policy

You can return the items only if they are defective.
We can not accept any exchanges or returns because of the customers' personal preferences. (ex. The item is different from what you expected. You ordered wrong size. etc…)

Shopping agency service ""

The shopping agency service "" will purchase and ship products on your behalf. This service is provided by Zigzag Inc.
Please click the Worldshopping banner on the shopping page.
By using this service, you can.

1.When you access the website from overseas, the “WorldShopping Cart” will be displayed automatically.
2.Add your favorite items to the WorldShopping cart.
Click “Add to Cart” of the WorldShoppinng banner to proceed to buy your favorite items.
The cart will only appear for items that can be purchased from your country.


WorldShopping will charge 10% service on the “Total Product Price”*. Once we deliver the product to WorldShopping, you will receive another payment request from WorldShopping containing International Shipping Fee, Handling Fee and Other Fees (If any). See WorldShopping Fees for details.
*Total Product Price=(Product Price + Domestic Shipping Fee in Japan).


About Overseas Delivery You can request "Worldshopping'' to buy itmes on behalf of you and to have them shipped. WorldShopping purchases Japanese products on your behalf and delivers them around the world.
→Explore How WorldShopping Purchases and Delivers As Your Agent to know more.

For International Customers

As WorldShopping buys a product on behalf of the customer, we can not accept any changes in the order such as (order cancellation, returns) once an order has been placed with WorldShopping. We request your understanding of the issue and please confirm all the product details before placing the order. For more details, see here: